Balenciaga Beats

Umfang (Emma Olson) is a DJ/producer based in Brooklyn. I saw her DJ a set there, at Public Records, a great venue and bar, a couple of weeks ago. She played the whole night in the venue’s LED red light-soaked hi-fi room. I think a lot of people were just there because the set was free and they wanted to dance. They got lucky though because she’s really good. She just launched a new label, Thanks For Enlightening Me, and released her latest EP Riven on it, which I linked to at the bottom.

Public Records had a long hallway with benches (I think) leading into it, and it reminded of the hallway with constant electronica pulsating in it in Climax, Gaspar Noe’s severely underrated techno fueled nightmare movie. I won’t ruin it but aside from Midsommar, it’s the most visceral upsetting movies I’ve ever seen. It was so gut-wrenchingly uncomfortable that three separate people left the theater I saw it in, including one woman who was in tears. This is apparently a normal thing for the movie. A Guardian writer told him in an interview that six or seven people walked out of the screening he was in. Noe disappointedly responded that usually, a quarter of the audience leaves his other movies.

A friend I watched it with decided she wanted no part of it maybe two-thirds of the way into it, but also refused to leave. The compromise she made for herself was just closing her eyes and covering her ears. It’s worth your time if you’re looking for things to watch right now. 

Symbolic Use of Light - 41 minutes. Spotify | Apple | Soundcloud

Riven - 28 minutes. Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Ok - 47 minutes. Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp

Umfang & Shyboi August 2018 Mix - 120 minutes. Soundcloud