Tony Cruise/Tony Kill

Balenciaga Beats

I don’t really know a lot about Tony Cruise because there isn’t a lot of information about him on the internet. He used to go by Tony Kill. He changed it to Cruise, but he might be going by Kill again because that’s what is on his Soundcloud now. I think both are superb names. They both sound like the name of a villain or antihero in an 80s beach crime drama set in a place like Malibu or San Diego. 

Cruise/Kill is from and based in Washington, D.C. He maybe worked at NASA, it’s unclear. It was printed in a couple of places but he demurred in answering anything about it to The Fader, who let him do a mix. The set he did for them is a great mix of upbeat dance songs, older hip-hop, R&B and jazz.

I included his album from 2016 at the bottom, but as a warning, it has a fair amount of vocals on some tracks. 

Thought Crimes - 37 minutes, Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp