Smoke & Tea

Balenciaga Beats 

If you’re a DJ, have plants, and are streaming a live set, you better put them in your livestream. 

A lot of DJs seem to be thinking like this. If you scroll through Boiler Room Streaming From Isolation series page (which is a great music finding resource), it seems like every other DJ has unsubtly moved their plants, or in some cases, what appears to be every plant in their home, in front of the camera with them as they play. 

I guess it’s supposed to be a cool vibe and give good ambiance. And honestly, it is actually a pretty good vibe. I have plants in my room, and they’re good. Sometimes things are trendy because they’re actually good, and that’s probably the case with house plants. 

DC’s Smoke and Tea, and a duo of ambient producers put a bunch of nice little plants in the backdrop of their relaxing set for ROAM DC’s new streaming series, ROAM HOME. 

ROAM is a great DC electronic music collective/organization that puts on shows in warehouses and other spaces in around the city. They worked to bring Boiler Room’s first-ever show to the sometimes culturally challenged city of D.C. (it does have culture, it’s just always getting papered over and pushed to the fringes by people hellbent on gentrifying every experience they possibly can). They have a couple of other streaming events planned with more to come. 

If you like Smoke and Tea’s set, you can Venmo them at @bernard-farley and @patrick-blinkhorn. And if you want to support ROAM, their Venmo is @roamhomedc.

Smoke and Tea for ROAM HOME - 2 hours, Twitch