Balenciaga Beats
Brooklyn-based Max Ravitz produces lo fi dance music under the moniker, Patricia. Ravitz’s project is simple and good. The synths have a nice, warped, 80s warmth to them that is really pleasing against the colder beats and ambient atmospheric tones that he fills the backgrounds of his songs with. It reminds me of if you took a bunch of Kaytranada, DJ Seinfeld and Japanese ambient music, chopped them for parts and put the bits together, in the sense that it sounds like a blend of Kaytranada’s 80s funk inspired melodies, DJ Seinfeld’s washed out fuzzy instrumentals composed something with sensibilities of a Japanese ambient composer, but with a beat. 
The label he’s on, Ghostly, puts out a lot of music from artists who are relevant to the purview of this newsletter, which will make it in here eventually. 
Several Shades of the Same Color - 1.5 hours, Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp
Bem Inventory - 36 minutes, Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp
Body Issues - 41 minutes Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp