Machine Woman

Balenciaga Beats

Machine Woman is the project of Anastasia Vtorva, a St. Petersburg, Russia born DJ and producer who moved to London for college. Her Spotify bio says that she played in punk and noise bands which makes sense because a lot of her music and what she picks during sets skews towards less dancy, dark tracks. 

Below are a few sets she’s done. One for Hong Kong Community Radio, one for a London Boiler Room set, and one for Crack Magazine. She produces stuff too, which is on Spotify and other streaming platforms, but none of her EP’s are long enough for me to put on here (I try to recommend longer links that you don’t have to swap out much). The Boiler Room one is sponsored by Huawei, which is kind of funny. They’ve done shows sponsored by other brands that would make sense like Nike, and Ray-Ban, but then stuff for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not just for Samsung but specifically for that model of the phone.

It’s funny because Huawei, unlike Samsung, has been at the center of U.S. members of Congress’s concerns about encroaching Chinese influence. Apparently Chinese businesses are cozier with the government and willing to capitulate to whatever their demands are for data. Some people say that’s alarmist, but honestly, I believe it given how easily American businesses, which have way less incentive to share things with the government, are compelled to share things with the government. 

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London Boiler Room - 1 hour, YouTube

Hong Kong Community Radio - 1 hour, YouTube

Crack Magazine - 40 minutes, Soundcloud