Laurel Halo

Balenciaga Beats

Laurel Halo’s catalog runs a surprisingly wide range. In Situ, one of her albums below is a good, ambient, electronic album. Parts of her most recent album, Raw Silk Uncut Wood, sound like classic and jazz songs that were ripped apart and reconstructed into experimental sci-fi, horror soundtrack. She’s been on Hyperdub compilations with songs that fit in perfectly alongside other artists on the compilation like Burial and Kode9, who pioneered early British dubstep before it got co-opted by EDM and turned into something completely unrecognizable. She’s had a relatively successful career as a techno DJ too. 

Laurel Halo, whose government name is Laurel Anne Chartow, was apparently classically trained in music, which I guess would explain her ability to adapt between styles really well. 

She did the soundtrack from a movie called Possessed, which is apparently some sort of hybrid documentary/fiction movie about the internet that was made by Metahaven, some cool looking research and design studio in Amsterdam. I can’t really figure what Metahaven does or how to get Possessed by they both look tight.

The first two selections below of her albums are calmer and have less predictable melodies and dissonant beat patterns. The next two are more upbeat DJ sets/mixes she’s done. 

In Situ - 35 minutes,  Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp

Raw Silk Uncut Wood - 32 minutes, Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp

DJ-Kicks Mix- 1 hour, Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp

Rinse FM June 201 - 2 hours, Soundcloud

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