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ESPRIT 空想 is is the successor or spiritual sequel or something in the logical progression of genres from the chillwave boom of the early 2010s that birthed artists a lot of us still know and love like Toro y Moi and ones we don’t anymore like Teen Daze, and ones we kind of still do but also don’t like Washed Out and Neon Indian. It’s also the logical successor of whatever was going to come out of vaporwave/rooted in vaporwave. His earlier stuff was firmly rooted in the genre/aesthetic. I’d explain vaporwave more but spans too many mediums for me to do in a single newsletter.

I don’t know if ESPRIT 空想 is still active. It’s George Clanton’s project. He’s been putting out 90s influenced electronic pop-rock under his own name lately but doesn’t appear to have put anything out under his ESPRIT 空想 name since 2017. 

Earlier this year, he proposed to his girlfriend on stage, Negative Gemini, which seems cool/aggressive. 

ESPRIT 空想 - busted tapes playlist - 1 hour, YouTube

Twitch Live Album Set Bootleg - 40 minutes, YouTube | Soundcloud

200% Electronica -  38 minutes, Spotify | Apple

Virtua.Zip - 29 minutes, Spotify | Apple