Dev Hynes

Balenciaga Beats

Devonte Hynes, or Dev Hynes, has his hands in a lot of cool stuff. People mostly know him as Blood Orange, his R&B, indie, post-punk project. He’s also produced and written for a bunch of people including Solange, FKA Twigs and Kylie Minogue. He does soundtracks too. So far he’s scored Queen and Slim and Palo Alto, a weird indie movie about rich people in California. I won’t go too far down the rabbit hole into it, but it’s not weird because it’s quirky, it’s weird because it’s inaccessible to most people. It’s written and directed by Gia Coppola, based on short stories by James Franco, and stars Val Kilmer’s son. Everyone in an important role in developing it is entrenched in immense privilege and has pretty much only known that for their entire lives. Apparently, at some point they lost the ability to communicate with normal people, and potential each other and the movie just ends up being a two-hour artifact of that. It’s less interesting as a movie and more interesting as an example of what the hyper-privileged think constitutes independent art. 

Aside from soundtracks, Hynes also did some mostly instrumental mixtapes, one of which included below. I also threw in an album he did with Third Coast Percussion, which sounds kind of like his scores, but is more ambient.

DJ Exotica Sage Present’s Blood Orange Home Recordings Mixtape - 1 hour, Mixcloud

Fields - 1 hour, Spotify | Apple